YesBC's latest initiative is Bridging Generations


We are co-developing this initiative with working groups of young people from across Canada. The goal of Bridging Generations initiative is to provide platforms and safe spaces for people to share experiences and lift each other up in their work. We focus on bringing older and younger generations together as we have so much to learn from each other. We will facilitate mentorships and continue to have younge people co-create this initiative.

For further information about Bridging Generations and to find out how to get involved, sponsor or volunteer, contact us at

Bridging Generations and all programming offered by YesBC, adheres to the following:


YesBC Goals of Engagement

  • To create safe and ethical spaces that are focused on respect, dignity, and inclusion, free from discrimination and harassment

  • To give space for all voices to be heard - take space and make space for others

  • To seek understanding by sharing knowledge and through listening

  • To be willing to challenge ideas, not people

  • To prioritize the voices of individuals who haven't had the opportunity to participate, so everyone can be fully heard

  • To create a circle where solutions can be proposed and implemented

  • To bring generations together for collaboration and mutual respect

What about our future?

This event was led by YesBC in partnership with Climate Reality Canada and Story Money Impact on September 15, 2022


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